Brow Lift

As we grow older, the skin around the eye tends to become loose, and the brow area can begin to droop. In many cases, a sagging brow can become obtrusive and in some cases, actually interfere with your line of sight. At the Polacek Center near Providence, Rhode Island, brow lift surgery with Dr. Lori Polacek can correct a sagging brow and create a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

If you are interested in facial plastic surgery, such as brow lift, request a consultation and Dr. Polacek can answer your questions. Or phone us at (401) 331-0202 and we will discuss the best approach to address your specific needs.

Choosing Brow Lift

The basic objective of a brow lift is to pull the forehead skin taut to create a refreshed, friendlier look with the brow. A well-defined brow can be an attractive trait that can help draw positive attention to your eyes.

During your consultation, Dr. Polacek will review your treatment options for brow surgery, including pros and cons of each procedure, potential risks and complications, recovery course, pre and post operative instructions, and aesthetic outcomes.

Brow lift surgery may not be a good choice for everyone. Patients who smoke, take medications or have certain medical conditions such as heart disease, blood clotting problems, diabetes or the tendency to form excessive scars should discuss potential risks with Dr. Polacek.

Brow Lift Results

Dr. Lori Polacek’s cosmetic artistry is apparent in the results she can achieve for brow lift patients. Regardless of whether the inner brows have dropped, creating a stern expression, or the outer brows fall, resulting in a sad expression, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Polacek can help. Even if the entire brow migrates downward, making one look tired or older, our advanced techniques can restore an alert, refreshed appearance that looks entirely natural.

Patient Before and After Photos: