Exciting News from Lori G. Polacek, M.D.

Good Afternoon Patient Family ~

I feel extremely fortunate to practice medicine at a time of significant scientific and technological expansion! When I first began my plastic surgery practice in 1991, I was the first female plastic surgeon in Rhode Island and there were few non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. I was thrilled to be able to offer safe and beautiful surgical procedures for surgical candidates, but for patients who were either not interested or not candidates for surgery there were relatively few options. About sixteen years ago that all began to change with the development of Botox™ Cosmetic, and a host of very safe and effective facial fillers. At the same time technological advances in laser technology and radio frequency offered synergistic skin treatments that have changed the way we approach facial aging.

Due to the countless options in non-surgical rejuvenation, I am now focusing all my time on non-surgical rejuvenation and will no longer be offering surgery to my patients. My love for surgery has never outweighed my dedication to provide compassionate, safe care and to choose non-surgical approaches when available. Happily, the number of treatment options has expanded exponentially over the past sixteen years and the results we are now able to achieve with non-surgical modalities makes it possible for me to offer these options exclusively in my practice.

I have likewise taken a scientific approach to skin care that includes collaborating with our Licensed, Medical Aesthetician Beth Walker, who brings sixteen years of training and experience in analyzing and treating skin with carefully tested and selected medical grade skin care products and laser treatments, all under my medical supervision.

I feel blessed to have served you, my patients, with both surgical and non-surgical options in the past and feel tremendous excitement to be a continuing pioneer, thought and opinion leader in the non-surgical world. I hope you join in my excitement about the current and future possibilities of non-surgical rejuvenation and the opportunity to focus in this exciting and transformative world.

I invite you to explore the non-surgical possibilities in our practice and look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards,

Lori G. Polacek, M.D.