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At the Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery, we understand that not everyone wants or needs plastic surgery in order to look their best. There are many innovative treatments that can dramatically improve your appearance without the downtime and expense of surgery. At her practice near Providence, Rhode Island, Dr. Polacek offers facial rejuvenation options that can firm, smooth, and renew the appearance of your face without surgery. To learn more, visit the following pages:

Skin firming and resurfacing can also be used to improve other areas of the body, including the neck, chest and hands. There are no incisions, and most of these procedures require little to no recovery time, making them a good choice for on-the-go patients with busy schedules.

If you would like to learn more about non-surgical rejuvenation options from Dr. Polacek, request a consultation online or call us at (401) 331-0202 and we will schedule your appointment.


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