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How Can Hyaluronic Acid Make Me Look Younger?

Posted on Feb 2, 2022 Dermal Fillers, Skin Care

Medium close-up of woman smilingHyaluronic acid (or HA) has long been a staple in the aesthetic world. The human body produces this substance to lubricate tissue and promote collagen, thereby keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. An abundance of HA in the skin can create a youthful, rejuvenated appearance; in turn, insufficient HA in the skin tends to make us look more tired. This is because our skin loses collagen as we age, which can lead to a myriad of aesthetic concerns, such as wrinkles, lines, and loss of volume in the face. 

For this reason, hyaluronic acid is included in some of the most effective products and treatments available. These treatments range from injectables, like dermal fillers, to supplements and topicals – most often, HA is found in minimally-invasive solutions, providing an added bonus to patients uninterested in surgery. Aestheticians, surgeons, and other professionals utilize it to plump and smooth several areas of the body, with different levels of potency specifically used for different purposes. 

One very popular HA-derived dermal filler is JUVÉDERM®, which we are proud to feature among our options at the Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery. We carry five fillers belonging to this brand:

Each filler is administered in a procedure that usually lasts around half an hour and rarely requires downtime. Patients marvel at the smooth, long-lasting results JUVÉDERM® regularly provides. Our staff along with Dr. Lori Polacek can help you decide which JUVÉDERM® filler is right for you. 

If you are interested in hyaluronic acid-based skin care products, we carry several professional-grade lines, such as TEOXANE® Cosmeceuticals. This potent brand from Switzerland can hydrate and lubricate the skin by boosting collagen and elasticity. We carry a variety of other rejuvenating skin care products, all of which were hand-picked by our experienced team.  

Our licensed medical aesthetician, Beth Walker, would be glad to discuss our hyaluronic acid skin care treatments and products with you. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a consultation.