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Vivace is the newest form of non-surgical microneedling with radio frequency cleared by the FDA. Treatments contour and tighten the face, neck, and body by stimulating the production of collagen. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with the revolutionary, best in class Vivace Microneedling RF device.

Vivace Providence RI

Vivace FAQ

What Does it Feel Like?

 After numbing your face the treatment will feel like light pressure, with an occasional light sparking feeling.

Does Vivace Hurt?

We apply the best numbing cream available 30 to 45 minutes before treatment. Testimonials from patients describe the procedure as comfortable to virtually pain-free.

What is RF?

Radio Frequency (RF) provides heat that stimulates collagen production leading to tighter, younger looking skin. Radio Frequency combined with microneedling has given patients more optimal results over more painful traditional microneedling treatments.

What is the recovery time?

Microchannels created by the Vivace treatment remain open for four to six hours, providing time to supplement the skin with recovery protocols and serums to create optimal results. After that time frame you will have little to no indication of having treatment earlier in the day.

How many treatments are need?

Most patients will find three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart provide the results they are looking for. It will take three months for results due to increased collagen regeneration.

How long does a treatment take?

Numbing before the treatment will take 30-45 minutes. The actual treatment will take 45 minutes.

When can I wear makeup post treatment?

We suggest at least six hours before applying makeup.

How do I get the best results from my treatment?

Following the recommended post treatment protocol is important for best results. This will include a mask, soothing spray and balm, staying out of the sun, and refraining from exercise.

What kind of skin does it work on?

Most skin types and colors are able to be treated.

How long do results last?

Every patient is different, but the collagen you produce after the treatment will be your own. Over time you will most likely prefer another series of treatments to maintain the results.