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Patients Crossing State Lines for Plastic Surgery in Rhode Island

Posted on Apr 19, 2018 Press Releases

The Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery in Rhode Island is attracting patients from Massachusetts and Connecticut for procedures such as facelift and breast augmentation.

Johnston, Rhode Island (October 2011) – The Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery is seeing a rise in the number of patients coming to their practice from surrounding states for plastic surgery in Rhode Island. Patients from Massachusetts and Connecticut are turning to Dr. Lori Placek because of her extensive experience and training with procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation.
“Finding the right plastic surgeon is largely about developing open communication where patients feel comfortable expressing their concerns about a potential procedure,” said Dr. Polacek. “Sometimes, women and men can’t find plastic surgeons nearby who meet their needs, so they turn to doctors outside their area. I’m happy to assist women and men from nearby states with their cosmetic needs, and I look forward to welcoming more people to our practice.”

Dr. Polacek says two of the most popular procedures that people from surrounding states request are botox surgery and breast augmentation. Patients come to Providence for breast augmentation with Dr. Polacek for her training and ability to address a wide range of age-related concerns through a personalized approach to plastic surgery.

“Part of the reason I believe women and men from nearby states turn to our practice for their cosmetic surgery is the options we offer for each procedure,” said Dr. Polacek. “At my practice in Rhode Island, breast augmentationand facelift are not approached as ‘one size fits all’ procedures. We customize each procedure to the exact needs and anatomy of the individual person.” Options for tailoring a procedure include incision placement, varying degrees and areas of correction, and the incorporation of complementary procedures to enhance results.

Dr. Polacek provides each patient with a personalized surgical experience, which begins the minute someone walks through the door. Her entire staff is committed to providing individualized attention, regardless of the surgery. Dr. Polacek says this approach allows her to get to know the exact needs of each patient, which helps lead to more natural results.
“Whether someone comes to our practice for a surgical procedure, such as breast augmentation, or for one of our nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments, our goal is to provide everyone with personalized attention,” Dr. Polacek said. “I look forward to spending more time with our current patients and getting to know people from Rhode Island and surrounding states.”
To learn more about out Providence cosmetic surgery practice, request a consultation online or call us at (401) 331-0202 and we will schedule your appointment.